It’s time to be a Strong Nurse

I was about to ‘boost’ a patient up in the bed with a colleague and I noticed how strong she was. I hardly did anything! Later that night, a patient coded and she started CPR. I noticed that she could do it for such a long time with so much force. She’d take a break just for a few minutes before she took over again.

When I took over, I realized how little endurance I had. I was wiped out after a minute.

After the code, another colleague mentioned how she heard pumping noises right before the code was called. She knew that it was that strong nurse doing CPR.

After I went home for the day, I felt my abs hurting.

This made me think about all the strong nurses there are. Especially in the ICU. Especially her. So she’s my strong nurse idol. I want to be a strong nurse.

I bought new running shoes and workout clothes yesterday from Adidas. I haven’t had a sports bra since high school (I’ve been swimming instead). I have to build my endurance. Do free weights. Etc.

It’s time to be a strong nurse.

And I’m bringing my boyfriend along for the ride.

Strong nurse!

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  • I’m a cardiac nurse and codes are pretty frequent. I’ve also had to build that fitness up in order to ensure I can maintain good compressions also to lighten the stress levels too (o;

    • It’s good to know I’m not the only one!

  • Alice

    I stumbled upon your site while researching info on New Grad recruitment. I don’t normally comment on anything really but I just wanted to say that your blog is amazing! I’m going into my senior year of nursing and having all types of jitters about recruitment, NCLEX, and being a new nurse and it is relieving to read about all your experiences (good and bad) with the process. I can’t tell you how much this has helped me. Thanks so much and keep up the great work with your blog!

    • Thank you for your positive feedback! I just finished my third shift in a row so I’m tired. This was great way to end đŸ™‚ keep going and good luck!