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I love the Internet because it allows you to connect with people that you may not have otherwise. Nurse Gail is a prime example! She went to University of Texas for nursing school and now is a travel nurse in NYC for 6 years. It has given her the opportunity to experience New York in a wide variety of settings and has challenged her everyday. We will both be attending NYU College of Nursing for our Master’s this fall so I’m very excited to meet her in person. 🙂

Her blog discusses the challenges of NYC nurse working conditions, pros and cons of travel nursing, and nursing related issues. One I particularly liked discussed a journal article on the effects of aggression towards the nurse. Medical errors increase so the bottom line is to be nice to the nurse! I encourage you to check out her blog.

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    thanks for this! what other nursing blogs do you know of?

  • Jess! I haven’t seen you at NYU! Where are you? I keep waiting to see your name on a NYUClasses discussion board but I keep missing you. I’ve completed 18 credits of the Primary NP program. I’m in Patho II, Mental, Common Health, & Pharm right now. You?

    • I’m in pathophysiology 2 currently– I’m starting slow but I’ll probably take on a full load soon! I usually sit on the left mid side of the auditorium.