My mom is addicted to YouTube. After coming back from Hong Kong to China, she said the worst part about China is that they banned YouTube. Yes, I suggested to her that she should try YouKu, China’s version of YouTube. She said she did but couldn’t find the show that she wanted to watch.

Now that she’s back home, she glued to her iPad. Even as of right now.

My dad is addicted to the stock market. He watches it go up and down. He watches YouTube videos of ‘experts’ predicting the next day’s outcome at 10pm and in the morning before the market opens. He keeps reading about what will happen. He then goes on to and reads the charts hourly to determine what he will do next with his stocks. He gets the most excited when he makes $$.

Maybe the only thing that will take him away from the computer is Miki – a Japanese Restaurant that my parents enjoy eating at.

Yesterday, he said that my mom and I should go out for lunch alone because he still had taxes to do (he had them delayed, I guess). I went over to tell my mom and when my dad came by, she said that we were going to Miki. When he heard that, he instantly changed his mind and said he’ll go eat with us.

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