I ate a lot today.
I chatted with Dan this morning, went to Farmer’s Market, ate a large green paper and pepperoni pizza and a carne sampler (3 huge meatballs and 3 sausages) at Arigero’s.

I went home, chatted with dad, read something about orientation for NYIT (I’m supposed to sign up for a date but I’ll be in Europe on those three days… I had already contacted them about this issue way back in May, but I guess I just have to tell them again… I can already tell that the administration at NYIT is probably not the greatest), getting a student loan……


$550 Room for Couple (no kids)
Reply to: hous-352256593@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-06-14, 5:38PM EDT

We need 2 ($550 each) mid size rooms for 2 couple no kids. Bathroom and kitchen sharing is okey. With or without living room is ok too. Willing to pay advance and deposit. We are quiet,very clean and reserve people. We work all week. Just need a place to stay and rest during days off. We always pay rent on time and we clean after ourselves.

Only no broker fee please.

Please call 718-7257914

52 Free Things to Do

Hehe, I also like this article.


1. Take a drive to look at the Christmas decorations.

2. Play cards—perhaps strip poker.

3. Watch a movie together.

4. Go outside and have a snowball fight.

5. Get some finger paints and create your own body art with each other as your canvass.

6. Go sleigh riding.

7. Go ice skating.

8. Work out or exercise together.

9. Stage your own improvisation show.

10. Sing to each other.

11. Review or create a photo album or scrapbook of your memories together.

12. Play a board game—perhaps chess, Scrabble or Twister.

13. Go to a book store, get coffee and read for hours.


14. Work on a remodeling project together.

15. Plan and complete a yard work project together.

16. Do the spring cleaning together—room by room. When done, reward yourself by making love in the room you’ve cleaned.

17. Put on old clothes and mud wrestle after some drenching rain.

18. Give each other a massage.

19. Play catch—football, baseball, softball or Frisbee.

20. Go to a car dealer and test drive the car of your dreams.

21. Shoot basketball together.

22. Dance together.

23. Take a shower together and wash each other—everywhere.

24. Take a free adult education class together.

25. Go to a mall and have a contest to see which one of you can get the most free samples.

26. Go rollerblading or bike riding.


27. Build a campfire and roast marshmallows.

28. Go swimming or skinny dipping.

29. Give each other a manicure or pedicure.

30. Go somewhere crowded to people watch.

31. Go to a free outdoor event, perhaps a concert.

32. Lie on a blanket outside and watch the clouds or stars.

33. Go on a picnic.

34. Watch a fireworks display.

35. Be creative and engage in sexual role plays. Be anyone you’d like to be for the night who is also exciting for your partner.

36. Sit by the water somewhere.

37. Do a prolonged strip tease for each other.

38. Have a water balloon fight.

39. Sit outside and read poetry to each other.


40. Go for a drive together.

41. Go window shopping.

42. Incorporate food into your love making—chocolate syrup, whipped cream, fondue, strawberries—anything you and your partner enjoy.

43. Call or write to someone you haven’t had contact with in a while.

44. Cook something together.

45. Spend an evening just talking with each other. Talk about the things you have done, plans you have for the future, important people in your lives or current events.

46. Take a bubble bath together.

47. Go to a free movie or museum.

48. Take a drive and find the potential in old houses and their properties.

49. Create an imaginary story together—either orally or in written form.

50. Take turns being each other’s genie in a bottle by fulfilling your partner’s every wish and fantasy.

51. Play in the fallen leaves.

52. Create an exciting scavenger hunt that ends in your bed.

Long Distance Relationships

I love this article.

Throughout our experience working with long distance relationship couples, we had discovered that there are lots of thing that we must do and as well as refrain from doing in order to survive the relationship. Below are some of the advices that we have compiled over the years. Although they may look simple but when it comes to the actual execution, it may take more than your effort and discipline. It is your desire to survive the relationship that makes the most impact in writing the outcome of your distance relationship. Consider some of the below do and don’t list and together with your desire, I am pretty sure you are able to conquer your distance relationship with ease and fun.


1) Establish an effective communication channel
The very first thing that you must do in a long distance relationship is to establish an effective communication channel. Most people will think that telephone is the most convenient mode of communication but apart from the telephone services, there are some other alternative you can use. Instant messenger, emails, VOIP phone and conventional mails can be very effective if you know how to use them. Each of the communication channels has its own advantages and disadvantages and therefore you must start to explore each of them to enhance your communication experience.

2) Plan to meet each other
There is nothing more important than planning to meet each other again at an interval of time throughout the period of your long distance relationship. This will help both you and your partner to catch up with each other over the things that you cannot do while apart. The anticipation of seeing each other again will always give you the excitement, hope and as well as eliminating the lonely feeling in your LDR.

3) Build hobby that you can both share
By building and keeping a hobby, both of you will have something to discuss and work on throughout your distance relationship. Finding something to do online can be quite interesting judging from its speed and reach ability but never leave out conventional hobby as well because you do not need to have your partner’s physical present to share a hobby.

4) Surprise your partner
Occasionally surprise you partner with cards, gifts, letter and flower out of their expectation apart from your normal correspondence. Put your imagination to use and your partner will be sure to love your effort in keeping them happy. Sending the unexpected gifts to your partner will always spice up your distance relationship regardless how far your partner may be.

5) Capture and share that interesting moment
Throughout the period of your LDR, you can always capture some interesting moment of yours by exchanging photos, video clips and as well as audio recording. This will indirectly keep your partner informed on what has happen in your life despite the physical distance.


1) Settle for a temporary replacement
One of the mistakes that a distance relationship couple often make is to settle for a temporary replacement when their partner is not physical around. By letting a third party into your life, you will not only put your distance relationship to risk but you will also break the mutual trust and agreement that you make. Although it may not be done intentionally but this type of mistake will be very costly to your long distance relationship.

2) Take the relationship lightly
The absence of your partner does not give you the license to dictate and manipulate the relationship. You must remember that, your partner has their own right to participate in any decision making toward the well being of your relationship regardless where there are. A long distance relationship is also as important as a normal relationship and your partner has their own right to be treated fairly.

3) Wait and see attitude
Most of the failures in distance relationship that we observed are contributed by the wait and see attitude of the couples themselves. This was caused by the insecurity of the couple as they do not think that the LDR will work but at the same time they do not want to put a stop to the relationship. Let me tell you this, if you plan to have this kind of attitude, refrain from walking into one at the first place because both you and your partner will suffer in the relationship. In a LDR, both partners must be committed and proactive in bringing the relationship to a higher level.

4) Suspicion
There are no rooms for suspicion in a long distance relationship. In order for you to survive your distance relationship, you must learn to trust your partner whole heartedly. A single suspicion will break the bond you have for each other and it is a beginning of the end if you start to suspect your partner at any point of your LDR. Although it is easier said than done but trust me, if your partner is apt to do something unfaithful to you, they will still do it under your nose. Therefore there is no need for you to create such unnecessary stress in your LDR.

5) Succumb to negative comment on LDR
Couples in distance relationship always make a mistake by believing that LDR do not work. The negative impression you have in LDR will eventually hunt you down and destroy your relationship if you choose to listen to the negative comment. Therefore, once you have decided to enter into a long distance relationship, you must learn to believe that your relationship will work. I knew it because I had successfully conquered my own distance relationship due to the reason that I am not influence by any of the bad comments I received.

Alex Chew is an avid believer of Long Distance Relationship. He has been actively involved in helping distance couples on their journey through his research works and books. He is also the webmaster of http://www.perfect-relationship.com and the author of Manage Your Way to A Perfect Distance Relationship e-book.

Copyright © 2005 Alex Chew & Perfect-Relationship.com. All right Reserved.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Alex_Chew

more good hostels

Rosebery Hall Residence
90 Rosebery Avenue, EC1R 4TY
Twin Private Shared Bathroom 51.30/night
Twin Private Ensuite * 61.56/night

Globetrotter Inn
Ashlar Court, Ravenscourt Gardens, Hammersmith
Twin Private Ensuite * 57.46/night

YHA London’s Earl Court
38 Bolton Gardens, SW5 0AQ
Twin Private Shared Bathroom 54.38/night
Double Bed Private Shared Bathroom 58.48/night
note: 88% reviewed good location, close to tube

Astor Museum Inn
27 Montague Street, Bloomsbury
Twin Private Shared Bathroom 71.82/night
note: I read the reviews and the reviewers highly recommend it… the location is great and the heater is fixed. 1224 people reviewed it within the last 6 months so there are bond to be some who don’t like it as much. It IS more expensive, but maybe it’s a good idea to pay for the location and the Inn comfort.

205 Earls Court Road
Twin Private Shared Bathroom 41.04/night
note: 3 min from tube, west of downtown, zone 2, apparently shower area isn’t that great (though they may be fixed now)

Antigallican Hotel
428 Woolwich Road
Twin Private Ensuite * 46.17 51.30
Twin Private Shared Bathroom 41.04 46.17
note: everything’s ‘good’ except that it’s far away from City of London… it’s much closer to the London Airport though. The plus is that it is cheaper than most hostels.

Ace Hotel (Kensington)
16-22 Gunterstone Road, West Kensington
Twin Private Shared Bathroom 53.35 Thursday only

YHA London St. Pancras
79-81 Euston Road, NW1 2QS
Twin Private Shared Bathroom 61.56 Thursday only

Palmers Lodge
40 College Crescent, Swiss Cottage
Twin Private Ensuite * 55.40 Friday only

St. Christopher’s Village
165 Borough High Street
Twin Private Shared Bathroom 55.40 Friday only

good hostels

51.28 per night (shared bathrooms)
61.54 per night (shower/toilet in room)
note: in zoom 1 of Tube… central area

57.43 per night
note: west part, in zoom 2

49.23 (thurs) 55.38 (fri)
note: next to the london bridge, in zoom 1, ‘awesome’ place to be, though noisy at night because of the bar below

AHHHH dang it!!!!!!!! The St. Christopher’s Village is out.. 🙁 WAHH

50 Best Asian American In Business

My mom’s one of the 50 best asian american in business!!!!!! How awesome is that. 🙂




Looping or Suspended Roller Coasters – Raptor
By Jessica Chang

Built in 1994 by Bolliger and Mabillard (B & M), Monthey, Switzerland, the Raptor is known for its suspension from the tracks that allow the feet the dangle. Before I went to Cedar Point on Tuesday, May 15, 2007, I remembered that I loved the Raptor. Or at least I did not have a bad memory of the first roller coaster that you see at Cedar Point. It was not until Tuesday when I changed my mind.

The point of the Raptor mostly is the change in acceleration by moving in a circular path. This causes the excitement of the Gs affecting your body. The most exciting part is also the fact that you are doing it upside down in reverse which causes you to NOT know what is coming next. The fact that you change from feeling heavier to lighter and heavier again creates the thrill. By being unpredictable and changing the weight that the person feels is what makes this ride unique. Also, the fact that your feet dangle also increases the fun since your feet will sometimes feel heavier and thus you might feel like you are being pulled out by your feet and sometimes they feel so light!


Circular Motion – Carousel
By Jessica Chang

The Midway Carousel is the oldest operating ride at Cedar Point. It was built in 1912 made by Daniel Muller and his brother Alfred. There are sixty horses and four chariots on a large turntable. The horses all use to be jumpers but then the exterior row were later made stationary.
The Pioneer Physics students arrived at Cedar Point early. In fact, the students arrived before most of the park even opened! Thus, some students decided to go on the only ride open, the Midway Carousel. I ran in with a couple of friends and sat on a jumping horse, and waited for the ride to begin. During the wait, my friends and I took pictures of each other. Soon, the carousel began to move so we all grinned and faced forward. I was on the inner horse. I thought that the person sitting the furthest from the center was going faster (though he couldn’t possibly be because we were along the same radius. Also during the duration of the ride, I thought about my sweetheart back in Ann Arbor. I thought, “How romantic this would be if couples actually went on this ride.”
Carousels in general are much slower, but provide a place to see things spinning and a safe area to be around. Since this ride is very mild, in terms of the thrill scale, people may quietly chat about their problems or just hold each other in his/her arms.
The Midway Carousel moves according to circular motion. You have the horses keeping you in the circular path with circular acceleration pointing inwards toward. The outside horses seem to move faster than the inside horses because the translation velocity is much further away from the center of the radius and the distance from center multiplied by the rotational velocity while omega, or rotational velocity is the same along the entire ride. The reason why the faster horses on the outside make the same number of rotations as the horses on the inside because of the fact that the rotational velocity is the same. This is using a very simple Physics property to create a ride of varying speeds for people to chose to ride on so the further out you ride the faster you feel like you are going! Thus if you get dizzy easily then ride on the inside!
The reason why the ride does not go extremely fast like, for example, the Top Thrill Dragster is because of the fact that people need to be strong enough to hold onto the horses. If Cedar Point were to install seats with seat belts into a carousel, they could speed it up like crazy and create a NEW amazing ride. for people to experience the “carousel” for BIG people. But, since it is a family ride they keep it at a relatively slow pace in order for the younger audience to enjoy the thrills of Cedar Point!


Traditional – Magnum
By Jessica Chang

The Magnum is 205 feet tall at its highest point and the cart moves at a top speed of 72 miles per hour. The massive hills on the extreme ride are and the element of the Magnum that creates something they call “airtime!” The feeling of floating on the ride makes the ride unique, yet still has a traditional feel to it. The Magnum has 5,106 feet of track. It opened in 1989, and still, in 2006 was voted Number 3 in the “Best Steel Coaster in the World” category in a poll conducted by Amusement Today.
While at Cedar Point, I decided to ride the Magnum three times. What made the Magnum so great is the floating feeling you get when the cart goes down the hills and the fact that the lines are virtually non-existent! The first time I went on the Magnum, I sat in the center of the ride. I could see people go down the 60-degree descent at 205 feet above the ground. I did not get the float feeling as much as I did for the time I sat behind the first row. The ride fell 195 vertical feet and went into a back and out model where the tracks tilted slightly. It then dove into several bunny hops through tunnels. It was a bit more humid inside the tunnel. The best tunnel experience is under the third one where there’s a surprise change in acceleration (or dip) since you cannot see where the tracks are leading you.
What makes the Magnum a traditional ride is the fact that the riders are lifted to a high point so there’s a high potential energy. And because of the conversation of energy, the ‘point mass’ should technically continue to move because of the energy and gravity. However, due to friction, the cart can only go over smaller hills as time passes.
There is good reason behind the “airtime” feel you get on the Magnum. By Newton’s third law, he tells us that for every action there is an opposite reaction. So, in a ride you have 2 forces on you at all time: the force of gravity, which is always pulling you down and the normal force, or the force pushing you upwards. On the way down from the top of the largest hill, you feel weightless because the acceleration of the system is a centripetal acceleration since you are going from the top of one hill to the bottom of another hill The acceleration of the person is pointed downwards toward the center of the “circular path” and when you feel weightless, the normal force on your body is zero and thus you feel nothing is pushing you down The “relative weight” of a person is determined by the normal force felt by the person and since the normal force is zero on the way down the massive hill, one would feel temporary weightlessness. On the other hand, when you reach the bottom of a hill, you have normal force pointing in the exact opposite direction of gravity and it is also when the Normal force is the highest. At that point in time, you feel much heavier than you would normally.
The Magnum is also a great traditional roller coaster because the camera is placed an obvious spot so you can make a funny pose. You will also have many chances to get the best shot since the lines are so short. While you may experience a short headache, it is worth experiencing the different feel of the ride.