Clinical starts 

The last day of simulation was on Friday (can you believe that it’s been a month since I started?) and clinical starts this week! I’m excited and nervous.

First week of exams are over. Now we just have 1 exam each week until the end of December. 

The things we learned this week:

  • Proteins
  • Pediatric overview
  • Second gas effects

What I learned in clinical:

  • Propofol can burn, especially when the IV is in the hand or forearm. Unless contraindicated, give the lidocaine!
  • Don’t tell them that it won’t burn. Because it just might. 
  • Make sure the IV is working pre-op.
  • Always be ready to change location on the fly and be prepared for general anesthesia when doing a monitored anesthesia care (MAC) case.
  • Have all the drugs looked up, patient history, and be able to discuss the plan with the CRNA. 
  • Follow through with what you say. 
  • Be confident with your preoperative  assessment. Hit all the major points. Make sure you know their anesthetic history. 

Ok, here it goes. 

Also, the super moon lunar eclipse was cool. Though I may only feel this way because I’m not working today. Usually on a full moon, it gets just a little crazier in the hospital. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence.  

Here’s the supermoon with the eclipse starting. 



At 10:15pm EST, the moon turns blood orange. So cool! What a beautiful night. 

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