Don’t just consume– take action!

I’ve been reading a lot lately, thanks to and the New York Public Library (, the kindle and its apps, and the close proximity that I am to the library.

The more I read the last two weeks, the more it brought me back to the conversation I had with my dad. For those who don’t know him, he used to bring home 10 books at a time on any given topic that he was interested in. I think it’s his PhD side that came out of him.

He said that reading is good but sometimes you have to just put down the book and take action! Take whatever you read and put it into action. Otherwise, it just sits idly in your brain and it doesn’t do anything.

There is no purpose for information if you don’t use it.

Maybe after reading, it’s a good time to reflect about how you’ll incorporate it into your daily living. Try to use it right away!

Tomorrow will be the first day that I’ll be teaching 2nd graders for the Swim for Life program in NYC. Goodnight!

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