CCRN Flashcards

Here are some CCRN Flashcards that I created when I was studying for the CCRN. I’ve had several people use it and have been told that they are useful (and helped them pass!). While I had been emailing people the flashcards, it’s been a little time intensive. And since I’ll be in school for the next two years, I’ll have no income and this is my only source of income so your support is much appreciated. This way, it’ll be a fast download and you won’t have to wait for me to respond. Please feel free to give feedback and tell me what you think.

Please check if you can download Anki onto your computer before purchasing these. I don’t have paper copies or pdfs of these flashcards.

I’ve been told that these flashcards are worth $50, but I know that is quite a bit for flashcards, so I’m only going to charge $10. ┬áThank you for your support and good luck studying for the exam.

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