Happy CRNA Week 2024

Happy CRNA Week 2024


A lot has happened

The last two months

I moved to San Diego

Oh what joyous fun


A lot of changes 

for my family and for me

New preschool, grandparent help,

New workplace


A lot of things to learn

“Reprogramming” I’d like to say

Each NORA (Non-Operating Room Anesthesia) location

Different than the next


A lot of new people

More than double the CRNA staff

Plus anesthesia residents and attendings

So many new names to learn


A lot of new equipment

And locations of the equipment

And drugs. Where is it? Where is it?

Ah, it is over there


A lot of preops and postops

More digging through charts

Some healthier and some sicker

Like those with LVADs and single digit EFs


A lot of blood

Type and screen, type and cross

Pre-checked PRBCs, FFP warmed

Hourly ABGs


Since I’ve been ‘on my own’

It is getting better

With texting my attending

The first thing in the morning


It is so nice to get help

To start my ‘big’ cases’

Another CRNA to start my second IV

And another arterial line


No matter where you go

It is a work in progress

You try to find a better way



As they say

You’re only as good 

As your last anesthetic

Keep striving, keep moving

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