I have a cold and I don’t want to take meds

The other day, my friend said that he had a cold and suddenly remembered that I am a nurse. He asked what he should do. Naturally, I said “take some medication.”

But then he asked what he could do without taking medication. Mostly because medication makes him feel bad. I mean, personally, I try not to take medication either unless I’ve been sick for at least a week and symptoms haven’t let up yet.

The “natural” way to treat a cold is sleep, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and maybe some lemon tea.

I think that most people prefer not to take medication if they can, mostly due to the side effects. I just watched the movie Silver Linings Playbook. The characters discuss how the medication (specifically psych meds) dull their thinking, cause some to bloat, and makes them ‘non-functioning’. These side effects really suck and I can see why someone would not want to take them.

There has to be other ways to treat the root of the problem without taking medication.

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