Last Night

Last night, I met a nurse who works as a nurse administrator at New York Presbyterian – Cornell. She went to UPenn for undergrad and went to NYU for her masters in public administration at Wagner (although she mentioned that she tried NP school for a semester at Hunter and found out that it wasn’t her thing). She said that started on the burn unit for two years and was in cardio post op surgery care for five years before she started her work as an administrator.

She said that it is super rough for people to get hired at hospitals these days and that it was smart to start working as a nurse (for me, at a nursing home). She said that sometimes she interviews people who graduated in 2009, 2010 and they still hadn’t done any nursing post graduation. Due to that, she couldn’t hire them. I think that is crazy. But I guess that also describes the hospital hiring situation because during that timeframe, that was a recession and nurses who were about to retire decided to stay on board and hospitals were not as willing to hire and train new grads.

Anyway, in the past week, I went to get my SSC and my physical exam. My old titers for Hepetitis B and MMR are still good (which means I got to save $30 blood draw fee + $45 MMR titer + $15 Hep B titer = $90!! Wow). Yep, I definitely recommend keeping old health records in a safe location. It will come in handy!!

This week, I have to renew my driver’s license (it expires on my birthday), start finding a new place to live, figuring out the best way to eat my veggies and other plant foods. While I was thankful for thanksgiving, the fruit stand guy also went on vacation. I can’t wait for him to come back!!

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