Nurses are Observers

One of the major reasons why I like to watch the new NBC show Elementary — a New York based Sherlock Holmes, is because Mr. Holmes is a great observer and can deduce so many things from his observations. I’m not sure if it is possible to be as finely in-tuned as him, but I do know that first, you have to completely aware of what you are looking at. Second, once you realize what you are observing, you have the obligation to take action.

One of things that I will face is having the courage to take action after observing something that I see is performed incorrectly. But I believe that if I base my reasoning for making a change on the fact that I truly care about the care provided for the resident — then I believe that I can do it. I have to think, “If she was my grandma, how would my grandma want to be treated? How would I want her to look?”

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