Insurgent by Veronica Roth – Five Stars

This book is the second of a trilogy and I have to admit: It is just as great as the first book – Divergent. In this book, the main character expands her world even bigger than before -in a Dystopian Chicago – in this thrilling video-game like book. You feel a lot of depth for these characters and feel drawn to what will happen to them next. At the end is a cliffhanger — and we will have to wait until autumn of 2013 before the last book comes out!


Kaplan Nursing for the NCLEX with NYU

Yes, this course is included in the tuition. In fact, Kaplan Nursing is used throughout the entire 15 month accelerated program and I definitely felt that it was helpful to practice NCLEX questions throughout my studies.

Most people finished their finals on the last Thursday in April. Those in the dual degree program finished the masters level class on the second Tuesday in May. Those taking other non-nursing electives finished their classes sometime in the second week of May.

Graduation was during the third week (Grad Alley – Tuesday evening, Yankee Stadium – Wednesday morning, Nursing breakfast & Commencement – Friday morning). My sister also surprised me getting sending me an iPad for graduation (and yes, I’m using it right now to type!). 🙂

The following week we did the 180 question diagnostic. And 3 question trainers. And we reviewed every single question.

The last week of May, we attended 4 days of 10am to 5pm classes where we focused on answering 60 questions per class to master the “decision tree”.

Since then, I’ve been doing 50 questions a day, reviewing medications (2 pages a day since there are about 70 pages in the RN Course book to remember!). Tomorrow, I’ll take another exam.

So far, NYU sent out the information to New York State at the end of May so hopefully by mid June, I will receive my ATT, or ‘permission to test’ and I will be able to register for the NCLEX for mid July.

As for job searching (since a few readers have reached out to me for me to write about this topic)- I haven’t sent out applications yet. As for my classmates, some who have done externships in NYC have a job and will begin orientation in July. Others in Michigan, Texas, and upstate New York already have a job for them as well. However, the vast majority do not have jobs yet. But I am confident that we will soon!

A few classmates have also decided that going into the Masters program for their NP was a priority. One will attend PACE University for the Family NP program and another will attend Columbia for the acute care NP program.

I hope that by writing this, it will help you gain some insight into the NYU accelerated nursing program. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at jesschang07

How to Donate Blood at NYU

This location is open EVERY Thursday from 10am to 5pm and is diagonally located from Gristedes (Mercer Street and West 3rd Street). Check out the map below for the location.

The day before you donate, please remember to drink a lot of water (to quicken the flow of your blood) and to eat iron-rich foods (such as meat or spinach).

Please do not exercise before donating. Your blood pressure may be too low and your pulse will be too high and you will be asked to come back another time.

You may donate every 56 days (8 weeks). If you donate, you will receive a free Regal movie ticket and a t-shirt!

Throughout my 15 months here at NYU Nursing, I’ve donated 4 times. The people there are really great and it is truly satisfying knowing that you are helping to save a life or three. Hopefully down the road, if you ever need a blood transfusion, you know that you helped too.

NYU Bus Route

NYU Bus Route

If you live in or near Chinatown, NYU Palladium, University Hall, Gramercy (23rd St and 3rd Ave), University Court (25th St and 2nd Ave), or NYU Langone Medical Center (34th St and 1st Ave), then take the ‘free‘ NYU bus to get to campus. The following link will allow you to get the schedule, which is runs on three schedules: Monday-Thursday, Friday, and Weekends:

If you have an iPhone, download the transloc app so you have up-to-date real time information on where the buses are!

Almost done

Two more stat classes.

Two more finals ~ leadership and stats.

One more homework assignment.

And then I’m done with nursing school. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Update on April 26:

One more homework assignment. One more final. I can’t wait!

What Should We Call Nursing School

What Should We Call Nursing School

My classmate created the tumblr that slightly explains what it feels like to go through nursing school through gif pictures. Go check it out!

In case you are interested in NYU Nursing, here is a FAQ and tips on getting a nursing job during school.

Beat Your Own Personal Record

I think a lot of times, we like to compare ourselves with others. This is highly prevalent in races, such as one at the swim meet. Some of the swimmers come up to me and say,

That girl beat me by 0.04 seconds!


Ugh, I got 13th place and that means I don’t get a ribbon


yes! I got third place in my heat!

While these are normal reactions, I often ask them if they beat their PR, or ‘personal record.’ If they answer no, then I tell them that their goal is to beat it at the next meet. If they answer yes, then I tell them that they should be proud of the fact that they beat their PR!

Focusing on your own accomplishments rather than comparing yourself with others helps you think about how to better yourself as an individual. In the long run, it works out better because you will always find a way to make yourself better.

In my opinion, if the focus is to always beat others, what happens if you give up? What happens if there is no ‘competition’, if it doesn’t exist?

This applies in school and work too. Instead of, ‘Suzie got an A and I got a B. I must beat her!’ think, ‘I got a B. How do I get an A next time?’