I’m back at school

wow, it’s already been 4 weeks of school and it doesn’t really seem like it. Until now.

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t typed in this thing in forever. It wasn’t until I saw Sunny on it that I checked mine out again.

Life has been alright. I know a few people on campus, but I haven’t been really close to any of them except Justine. And that’s only because one, we’re both orientals and we’re in three classes together (and have similar classes). I hope to make more friends, but my first concern is testing. And doing well. And not failing biology lab. I really don’t want that to happen. As long as I study for the labs and type up lab reports, right??! Well, it’s kinda annoying because he’s not very clear about what he wants in his lab report.

Introduction, Hypothesis, Procedure, Data, Conclusion.

Okay, intro, procedure, and data I got. But what kind of hypothesis do we come up with on our own? Uh, we expect the potato juice to turn black in the iodine test because that tests for starch… but what about when you have unknowns???!

Anyway, life is good so far.

I studied with Justine and Pearl at the Flushing Library today. I thought I was really behind (I have one more chapter to go), but they are only half way through the first chapter… I guess they should probably start earlier next time (me too).

Calc… I hope I got 20/20 on my quiz again. I didn’t know how to show something so I wrote a long paragraph describing why something was the way it was.

Chem, review session on Tuesday on all the hw and test on Thursday. I am soo freaked out. 20 questions, 5 points each!?????! OMG, that is so crazy!! If you get one wrong, you’re down 5 percent. I have to get everything right… it should be a piece of pie.

3 tests. First one Tuesday. Wish me luck.

I’m working on getting my study habits down. Preview text + write down definitions (if poss, understand concepts), take notes in class, review notes, reread text + fill in the gaps w/ more detail, do hw/questions, and formulate test questions. Review class notes and text notes daily. Ask questions to myself daily. Repeat for every lecture.

Can I do it??

Yes I can (wow, I feel like bob the builder).

Well, I need to revamp this site so I like it more so I’ll type here more. I have this amazing travel blog going up so once it’s up and running, I’ll link it.