How to Donate Blood at NYU

This location is open EVERY Thursday from 10am to 5pm and is diagonally located from Gristedes (Mercer Street and West 3rd Street). Check out the map below for the location.

The day before you donate, please remember to drink a lot of water (to quicken the flow of your blood) and to eat iron-rich foods (such as meat or spinach).

Please do not exercise before donating. Your blood pressure may be too low and your pulse will be too high and you will be asked to come back another time.

You may donate every 56 days (8 weeks). If you donate, you will receive a free Regal movie ticket and a t-shirt!

Throughout my 15 months here at NYU Nursing, I’ve donated 4 times. The people there are really great and it is truly satisfying knowing that you are helping to save a life or three. Hopefully down the road, if you ever need a blood transfusion, you know that you helped too.

NYU Bus Route

NYU Bus Route

If you live in or near Chinatown, NYU Palladium, University Hall, Gramercy (23rd St and 3rd Ave), University Court (25th St and 2nd Ave), or NYU Langone Medical Center (34th St and 1st Ave), then take the ‘free‘ NYU bus to get to campus. The following link will allow you to get the schedule, which is runs on three schedules: Monday-Thursday, Friday, and Weekends:

If you have an iPhone, download the transloc app so you have up-to-date real time information on where the buses are!