Write down the list of Qs you have for the MD

Last night, I had a patient who had several questions that I couldn’t answer and the house PA couldn’t answer. I asked her to write down her questions so that she was ready to address everything and so that she wouldn’t forget.

Her doctor came just as I was about to leave, and she thanked me for having that suggestion.

As for pain, it’s best to stay on top of the pain and not let it get out of control. Sometimes it’s better to go with something stronger. And narcotics aren’t addictive if you take it for pain at the hospital. It just becomes addictive if you start taking it all the time.

My second night alone went well. Had my first direct admission. Thankfully, he had all of his medications with him and his previous medication list was given by another hospital. That helped! Then I had two more transfers. The charge nurse spread them apart so that made it so much easier to handle. And they already received their night time medications so I only had to assess them (and of course write a note). I have to be so thankful for the PCA and CCP for helping!

The nurse educator was also helpful! It was another set of hands and eyes for me because I know that the charge nurse also had a lot on her plate with admissions!

What I’ll take away from tonight: Always try to help the others when I’m free. Ask questions and ask for help when I don’t know something.

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